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We are a non-profit international volunteer organization headquartered in Vienna, Austria with numerous volunteers from all around the world. Shortly after taking part in a volunteer dental project in Nepal in March 2016, Dr. Danijel Domic co-founded “Dentist The World” and brought the idea of dental volunteering to the archipelago of Zanzibar. Since 2017 the Zanzibar Dental Project became a main yearly event of our organization and it allows young dental volunteers from all around the world to help people in need.


Where Have We Been So Far:


Dental Project Nepal


Dental Project Tanzania, Zanzibar


Dental Project Mozambique


Dental Project Thailand


Dental Project Myanmar


Dental Project Zanzibar March 2021

Our Vision

Becoming a platform for young dentists or students of dental medicine where they can find and participate in all sorts of adventorous and educational volunteering missions. It would have all camps on one site in different cities and departments and the search would be endless.

Our Mission

Sharing our knowledge, our ambition and our passion for dentistry with people all over the world in need of care. We aspire to help in places with lower or no professional assistance and treat patients who never previously received ample dental care. Our major goal is to make people smile again.

  • Prevention of oral diseases (especially in children)
  • Training and educating local physicians
  • Therapy on site

We Helped So Far






Latest News

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One of the major purpose of the organization DTW is to transfer gained experience and knowledge on the new volunteers, not only to acquaint them with the work needed abroad but also to help them bring our field experiences and apply them to their prospective projects....

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63rd IADS Mid year Meeting in Beirut

Ljubomir Mićić introduces Dentisttheworld and Dental Project Zanzibar 2017 On the 3rd-10th of February 2017, Dentisttheworld's member and ambassador Ljubomir Mićić attended the 63rd IADS Mid year Meeting in Beirut, Lebanon. The International Dental Student Association...

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Make A Donation

By making a donation you can provide toothbrushes and toothpaste for the most vulnerable group of patients. Moreover, you can help us bring relief to patients suffering from long-lasting pain and bring the smile on their faces again. Last but not least, you can co-finance a scholarship for volunteers and dental therapists from Zanzibar.

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