Dental Project Zanzibar 2017

30 Jan, 2017

March 21.-31.2017

This project aims to provide a platform to learn, share and exchange knowledge, discuss challenges and present original ideas through diverse workshops for both sides, for our participants as well as for  local dental professionals and dental therapists.

Furthermore this project allows you to volunteer site on site with colleagues from all around the globe  in dental camps in beautiful Zanzibar and improve the oral health of the local community.

You are give an opportunity to work with kids in schools, teach them how to brush their teeth and bring their smiles back.

Zanzibar 2017 Brochure: participants-booklet

Watch a short clip of how we rock and brush

In the whole island of Zanzibar there are around 1,300 000 people and only four dentists. There are three key procedures we base our patient treatment in those low type of environmental and health conditions.

First is prevention of oral diseases, promotion of oral health and prophylaxis with fluorides. Prevention is done in a form of lectures and educational games for children on how to keep proper dental hygiene(proper way of brushing their teeth) where everyone is gifted with their own year long supply of tooth brushes and toothpastes and they keep one in school for further use. Prophylaxis is on the other hand the procedure done in situ with the use of highly concentrated fluoride pastes which is statistically proven way of prevention in further developing diseases such as primary caries.

Second is instant pain relief therapy procured with root canal treatments or tooth extractions. Couple hundred patients in Zanzibar are currently scheduled for an appointment in March with our volunteers and the majority of them is in need of an immediate pain relief done with this type of treatment.

Third and one of the most important task is raising awareness and educating local physicians and doctors of dental medicine. Forming different sorts of workshops and educational seminars in which the knowledge and experience of worldly volunteers would be passed on to local health organization. Donating materials and equipment and informing locals on their usage and advantages in different kind of treatments is also a very big part of the project.


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-A positive outlook of one’s brand as a beneficial partner.

-implementing a humanitarian organisation in all one’s public relations affairs preceivedness of one’s brand as philanthropic.
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