How to Volunteer Around the World with Insufficient Funds

14. Feb 2017

Daniel Domic, co-funder gives guidelines

One of the major purpose of the organization DTW is to transfer gained experience and knowledge on the new volunteers, not only to acquaint them with the work needed abroad but also to help them bring our field experiences and apply them to their prospective projects. The idea for the future generations is not for them to start from the bottom but for them to profit from the understanding of ground Alumni volunteers so they can also share their potential work in a form of unclosed circle for the benefit of global needs and adjustments.

The following scenario for this discussion is: A volunteer found a project he really wants to join but is missing the vital part in the form of financial aid. Our web of volunteers is consisted of mostly students in the last years of their dental studies and therefore are not amongst the working residents with no sorts of income sufficient to launch or start on the new project. So the question is how to collect sufficient funds?

What most people decide on doing today is to organize different crow-funding videos. Where and how to start exactly?


The first place I would like to start from is the University where I study and work. As a student of University Dental Medicine in Beograd, I was financially awarded two times for the work of representing personal scientific research papers at the Universities in Leiden in Holland and Charite in Berlin, Germany. Consequently I presented the fact to my University of Beograd that I was the first one to hold student lectures outside of our country and therefore presented them with the opportunity to improve the University image and help them achieve the appearance on the world list of most prominent Universities. For that reason this message is relaid to show the importance of your positive and beneficial impact on the University or School each of you represent.

If your University is not able to provide you with partial or financial aid, there also someone above them you could contact. Next would be the the collective University town fundings, county, region or city, department of ministry of education/health or different foundations for youth in your country or on a regional level. The means of finding them is by patiently searching the web and sending as many emails you can. Don’t be afraid to send emails and also don’t be afraid of the response, because some will not be something you want to hear but nevertheless do not let that deter you. Ground yourselves with patience, diligence and a positive attitude.


Many of them have their own foundation specifically designed for donations, therefore would be a perfect choice for you. Take that chance and contact them with the offer of collaboration. That collaboration of which we speak might be your presentation of that firm’s product and work on one of the innovative international project. You could also exchange contacts in their name and work on building a portfolio of pictures which would be later used for their personal promotion and portrayal as a socially responsible brand.


To bring even more attention to yourselves and became more alluring to big firms, you would need to contact local and national TV and Radio stations, as also Internet portals. Regardless of media exposure preference, it would become your role as volunteer to embrace the idea in order for your fight for better world to be accepted and endorsed by the big firms. Regarding the email you would need to send, it is important to describe the project you would like to join as explicit as you can, attach interesting pictures of previous dental camps, mention some of the mind-numbing facts of the place of the dental camp( eg. “in Mozambique water was twice as much as Coca-Cola and residents survive with only one meal per day”, “on the Island of Zanzibar there are 1.4 million people and only 4 dentist from which 2 are volunteers” etc.) If you by any chance have already set an agreement with one of the firms, don’t forget to send your appreciation through live media outlets.


Try to sell your report to the different newspapers or magazines. One of the student magazines I contacted for the financial help was not equipped to finance my outing but did offer for me to write an article for them after my return for partial reimbursement. Only by following this step did I manage to buy my ticket to Nepal. Another example was how my friend managed to travel the world and sell the pictures he took to “National Geographic” and his writings to a small publishing house. The amount of funding he received was not very high, but enough to continue his travels.


Andrea Lukezic and Dora Mahulja are 5th year students from the University Dental Medicine Rijeka, Croatia who came up with a very creative and ideal notion for the fundraiser. Besides following mentioned steps, they went a little ahead and organized a “charity party”. After their public appearance, some of the people outside of the field of dentistry contacted them to help organize their event. One local lottery store supplied them with lottery tickets for the attendees, a director of a bar offered them his venue and they even went far as not to charge for the entrance so anyone can come and see what the party is for. At the end of the event, the box for donations was amazingly full.


Some of you want to collect funds for the publishing of your first novel, some want to backpack around the world and others might want to develop a new Iphone/ android application. YOU want to change and make a difference in the world. Sadly in today’s world things work differently and the effort it takes to convince people of your right intentions is overrated so don’t try to much. Be humble, calculated and share your knowledge and experience you gained with hard work and a lot of significant effort to those in need. The rest will be understood and appreciated by your children and grandchildren because YOU are the ones’ that leave the greatest mark.


Possible cooperation:
Media presence:

-Social media, webpage, publications in magazines and newsletters, company logo and name built in presentations at various public events.

-A positive outlook of one’s brand as a beneficial partner.

-implementing a humanitarian organisation in all one’s public relations affairs preceivedness of one’s brand as philanthropic.
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