We rely on support from people like you to provide a free, world-class dental help for anyone, anywhere. If you've gotten something out of our site, please take a second to pitch in and help us get back to helping!

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provide tooth brush and tooth paste for one kid


provide five dental filling for our patients


provide one scholl class with tooth brushes and tooth pastes


diefferent amount/ chose amount

Other Ways You Can Help

Volunteer With Us

Information, education and conveyance
of our knowledge as young, members of different developed countries is the key of our humanitarian missions. Check out our available camps and our next dental project for the specifics about each dental humanitarian mission.

Become Our Sponsor

Our sponsors are a very big part of our mission. They are the one who help us with the materials we use in patient treatments and educational workshops, as well as the ones that help clothe us in medician gear alongside with preventional equipment.

Become Our Partner

Big thank you to our partners who gave a hand in forming all these wonderful dental camps. They are our main source of international communication and social advocates.

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