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With the dentisttheworld educational programme we hope to inspire young and ambitious dentists and dental students around the world. Our Mission is to make the world a little bit better by improving treatment options and teach the next generation of dental doctors.
With our Headquarters located in Vienna, Austria and our global partner Ivoclar Vivadent we have the perfect set-up to host courses in this wonderful culturally rich city.

The Event 2017 will be held on July 27-30 (Lectures on 28th and 29th of July) in the ICDE Training Center of Ivoclar Vivandent Austria

Full ceramic restauration workflow with CAD CAM option

The Growing Spectrum of indirect restorative and luting materials often creates confusion regarding their indications and clinical procedures necessary for a long term success. Failing to understand properties of materials and their relation to clinical steps often leads to technical misuse and clinical failure of restaurations. This course aims to set clear indications in various clinical cases, to show a digital workflow and how various factors affect performance of a cement and how to make them work in your favour.
The Hands on course will allow you to work on a digital workflow case as well as a step by step cementation protocol including ceramics selection, cement shade selection, try in, bonding procedure and efficient excess removal.


Course Content

  • Indirect restorative materials: properties, indications, limitations of each
  • Working on a digital workflow
  • Step by step clinical guide for cementation

Esthetic Composite Course

Various indications in direct reconstruction require different approaches, whether it is about rebuilding front teeth after trauma, extensive posterior cavities, neutralizing pigmentations or, lately highly conversed, deep margin elevation. Aim of this course is to set clear indications for different types of composite materials; to give precise clinical guidelines how to handle specific challenging cases in the office and how to prevent most common mistakes.
The Hands on course will be on a basic concept of composite layering techniques according to highest principals of esthetic and individual characterization, as well as rebuilding posterior defects in the most effective and comfortable way


Course Content:

  • Different composite materials: properties, indications, limitations of each
  • Challenging situations in direct rastaurations
  • Esthetic properties of tooth structures that need to be considered
  • Practical application of a silicon key
  • Detailed steps in reproducing anatomy, translucency, designing mammelons, halo effect, cracks, ehite spots
  • Finishing and polishing

Endodontics course

In the past few decades the possibilities in endodontic treatment have changed drastically. The dental Microscope and rotary NiTi Files have made it possible to treat severe cases with excellent outcomes. Combined with new irrigation and obturation protocols the state of the art endodontic treatment now has a wide range of opportunities.
This Course aims to give you an Update on the rootcanal anatomy, on the newest treatment options with NiTi Reciprocating Files as well as an irrigation protocoll and obturation Options.



You will have the chance to treat an extracted tooth from trepanation to primary and secondary access cavity to root canal preparation with Reciproc and Wave One Gold Files.


Course Content

1. Session:

  • Endo Lecture: Anatomy, Trepanation, Preparation, Irrigation and Obturation
  • Endo Hands-on: Trepanation, Primary and secondary access cavity, preparation of root canals

Surgical Course

Mostly the knowledge that students have gained regarding implant therapy is theoretical and there are almost no dental schools in Europe allowing their students to set implants on Patients. Due to constantly growing patient’s demands and high expenses of implant therapy, from young doctors will be expected to set their first implants as they had already set tons of them.
This course aims to show clear (most common clinical) indications and give precise clinical guidelines for setting the first implants for young doctors.



You will have the opportunity to set one implant into a model of the jaw (upper or
lower jaw implant).


Course Content

  • Lecture: indications, therapy planning, surgical procedure (muccoperiostal flap
    design, implant bed, setting the implant, suturing), recall, long-term outcome.
  • Hands-On: muccoperiostal flap elevation, preparation of implant bed, setting the implant, suturing the wound


  • Rookie Meeting 2017 program
  • Hotel in Vienna for 3 Nights from July 27th to 30th
  • Coffee breaks and lunch
  • Dinner and Get-together on Thursday
  • Closing Party on Saturday

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