How to Volunteer Around the World with Insufficient Funds

One of the major purpose of the organization DTW is to transfer gained experience and knowledge on the new volunteers, not only to acquaint them with the work needed abroad but also to help them bring our field experiences and apply them to their prospective projects....

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63rd IADS Mid year Meeting in Beirut

Ljubomir Mićić introduces Dentisttheworld and Dental Project Zanzibar 2017 On the 3rd-10th of February 2017, Dentisttheworld's member and ambassador Ljubomir Mićić attended the 63rd IADS Mid year Meeting in Beirut, Lebanon. The International Dental Student Association...

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Dental Project Zanzibar 2017

This project aims to provide a platform to learn, share and exchange knowledge, discuss challenges and present original ideas through diverse workshops for both sides, for our participants as well as for  local dental professionals and dental therapists. Furthermore...

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